All parents and carers will be provided with an application for enrolment form. While collecting this, the office staff will arrange an appointment between parent/carer and a member of the administration team. During the meeting, the administration member will discuss the educational needs of your child and the expectation of both parents/carers and children.  

When children are enrolled in the school an enrolment card is completed. This card includes emergency phone numbers together with the student’s home address and phone number. 


Would you please ensure that we are kept up to date with this information?

  • For children enrolling, we need to sight a Birth Certificate and Immunisation records, including evidence of measles vaccination.

  • Note of conscientious objection must be provided by the parent or carer if a child does not have a measles immunisation injection.  For further information on Measles please see communicable diseases.

  • If your child has specific medical requirements, these can be addressed with specific forms, please ask for these.