Each year Nulsen Primary School submits 3 teams to compete in the Esperance District Numero competition which is held at the end of Term 3 competing against 6 other primary schools. Coordinated by a dedicated staff member Numero, students play Numero every Wednesday during lunch times. All students are welcome to attend so they can practise the different games and prepare for the annual competition.

Numero is a math-based educational game designed for all ages. Each game has strict rules which must be adhered to, but strategies are learnt very quickly in order to be competitive in the game. Juniors begin with matching and adding numbers; Years 3-4 can introduce wild cards which contain the other 3 operations (subtraction, division and multiplication) and years 5-6 can introduce fraction cards on top of the operation cards. There are even squared and power cards as well when you reach high school level.
Numero has multiple benefits to students by enabling them to gain confidence with the operations in mathematics. It teaches them about strategies as well as faster recall of operational facts it also teaches students team work, collaboration, cooperative skills and resilience.