At Nulsen Primary School we are very lucky to have a dedicated Science Lab, containing all the latest fixtures and equipment. Our Science program is a hands on STEM approach, incorporating all the aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 

The children work within small groups to enhance their team building skills, as well as working on their individual understanding. The STEM program works along side the Community Garden and Mr Geoff Tonkin to help create usable 'life skills' from paddock to plate, to caring and nourishing for our school family.

The science program has so many different  aspects; we predict, question ourselves, test, make changes, retest, discuss findings, try something different, all while having fun. 

No question or  idea is ever too big, with our student driven learning, all children are engaged and have a personal investment in the findings. 

 STEM science, a learning experience for life!