The Department of Education regulations provide that the school may levy a contribution amount to enrich the opportunities available to your child/children through the purchase of library books, sporting equipment, computer software, teaching aids and other incidental resources. 

This amount is $30.00 per child for all year levels. 


In accordance with the Department of Education’s Contributions, Charges and Fees Policy, schools can request up to a maximum contribution of $60.00 for Years K-6.

The Nulsen School Council has set a capped contribution per student. A contribution is voluntary. Financial contributions provided by parents play a significant role in the provision of materials, services and facilities used by our students in their educational program, especially in our priority areas of Numeracy and Literacy.


$30 for 1 child

10% deduction on 2nd child’s contribution  :  $27.00

20% deduction on 3rd child’s contribution  :  $24.00

30% deduction on 4th child’s contribution  :  $21.00



The term charges refers to the provision of extra cost optional activities which are part of an education program and which contributions do not cover. All of the following are optional and if no payment is received, we will endeavour to provide an educational activity with a similar outcome for that student.

The 2017 extra cost optional activities which have been approved by the School Council are as follows. The estimated costs provided are at an upper limit and will not exceed this amount. If a particular event does not occur within the school year no charges for that event will apply. The School Council has approved all charges.


Maximum Cost per Student $50.00

Up to 2 excursions per term per class at a maximum cost of $50.00 for the year.  The actual cost is likely to be much less and parents will be asked to pay as excursions occur. 


Maximum Cost per Student $50.00  

There are usually 3 - 4 cultural activities each year. The maximum cost will be $50.00 per student per year, but will likely be less depending on the actual cost of each.

Examples of incursions held in 2015 are: Musica Viva, Squash, Solid State Circus


Maximum Cost per Student $5.00 

Up to 1 extra activity per term, eg: end of term picnic will occur at a maximum cost of $5.00 for the year.


Maximum Cost per Student $85.00

This covers the cost of pool entry and bus travel. The charge of $85 for 2016 may be less depending on costs charged by the pool and bus hire charges.


Maximum Cost per Student $500.00   

The actual cost may be much less depending on subsidisation by fundraising, school, and P&C funds. 


(Selected Students Only) Maximum Cost per Student $130.00

Instrument Hire  -  Maximum cost $100.00

Resource Charge  -  Maximum cost $30.00


The following funding requests are voluntary and are approved by School Council.

P & C Voting Rights: $1.00

P & C Contribution: $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, other

Any contribution you choose to make can be made at the Office for forwarding on to the P & C.