Dress at school should be of a high standard. To achieve this it is expected that students will wear school uniform at school and at all functions when they are representing the school. Parents and carers are asked to support the school in the wearing of school uniforms. They have been chosen to cut expense, be practical and, more importantly, to maintain tone and pride in our school. Below are the requirements needed

  • Pants Skirts & Shorts: Navy or black. Skirts and shorts must be at a minimum mid thigh in length, ie: basketball shorts/skorts

  • Shirts: Navy blue polo

  • Jumpers: Navy with yellow collar (rugby style)

  • Jackets: Full zip up windbreaker

  • Special Group Uniforms: Navy blue and/or navy blue and yellow  (The school has a range of shirts for special occasions whilst your child will be representing the school, i.e. student councillor, choir and interschool sporting events)



Please Note: Students are not to wear makeup of any kind. Socks must be worn unless children are wearing open toed shoes or sandals. All personal property, including clothing, needs to be clearly marked with the child’s name.

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