At Nulsen Primary School, we are fortunate to have access to a variety of instruments.  The school houses 3 marimbas which are a community resource sponsored by Magellan Mines, a drum kit, 3 bass guitars, 3 electric guitars, 32 ukuleles, a Congo drum set, a djembe, 35 soprano recorders, 2 alto and tenor recorders and a wonderful array of percussion instruments which include swirling, shaking, tapping, clapping and banging. 

All students have the opportunity to learn the technique required to play each instrument and most importantly learn the difference between noise and music: good technique develops a good sound and wonderful music.  When learning about these instruments, students also engage in learning about the culture and styles of music, theory and rhythm and listening and performing. There is also a strong emphasis on developing good technique though warmups and an emphasis on collaborative team work. 

Extra-curricular opportunities are also available to all students including Juniour Ukulele, Seniour Ukulele and Band.  Practice takes place in the mornings from 8.15am and students return to class by 9am ready to begin learning.  Overall music is an engaging time for students where they are learning about the curriculum, themselves and the global world around them.  Music is a great way to learn and become a part of a collaborative effort.